• Public Safety in all Neighborhoods

Ensure effective communication with the City Manager, law enforcement, residents and community groups to ensure all Newport residents live, work and enjoy safe neighborhoods.


  • Memorial Boulevard

Continue to work on safety measures with Rhode Island Department of Transportation, residents and businesses to provide a roadway safe for all pedestrians, motor vehicles and bicycles.

  • Expand Tax Base/Economic Development/Project Development

Continue to work on the development of an Innovation Center in the north end of the City.  

Attract companies to Newport that focus on technology, the environment and preservation.  

  • Clean City Enforcement

Enforce graffiti and litter abatement ordinances; enforce clean roadways

free of cigarette butts, leaves, litter and other debris.  


  • Clean Water

Continue to prioritize  Easton's Beach water quality and trash and sea weed cleanup.  

Continue to support initiatives that maintain a clean, healthy harbor.


  • Newport Public Schools

Work with the School Committee and administration to attract young families to the Newport Public Schools; work collaboratively on budgets, building issues, and public relations.


  • Communications

Listen and provide timely feedback to questions and concerns; ensure the City of Newport's website is used effectively to communicate with residents and businesses.  

Eliminate cigarette butts and litter

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